Bluebell Wood

I thought I'd walk up the hill this morning, well just before lunchtime, as rain is forecast tomorrow.  The light was quite good, not too bright and I felt it might be good under the light canopy of new beech leaves.  I even took my tripod with me in an attempt to get some better bluebell photos - I do find them a difficult subject to photograph.  I came back with quite a few and I think most of them are heading for the bin.  At least with the one I've chosen there's a sense of depth in the image which isn't true for most of them.  This woodland doesn't have the vast expanses of blue that you sometimes see in photo magazines, but it's lovely to see them lining the paths.

Two curlews were flying and calling over the top field as I crossed and then there were several butterflies flying, mainly Speckled Wood and Orange Tips as I returned home.

I won the informal/ fun `Nine images on a theme' competition last night, which I hadn't expected.  It was a bit of a last minute choice and relied on 6 x 4 images that I already had printed.  It started me thinking about still life  and adding textures again.  So I've been scouring the depths of my archive to try and gather together some of the photoshop files I worked on a few years ago.  (I'm planning some new ones too.)

p.s. I exchanged my original photo for this one which shows a few more bluebells.

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