I was woken before 4.30 this morning by the beautiful song of what I think was a robin - part of the Dawn Chorus - and then I could even hear the green woodpecker putting in his “two pennyworth” on the drums, using our cherry tree!

It was raining quite heavily, but that was also a lovely sound, especially to help the new plants that Mr. HCB had put in yesterday.  

It isn’t sunny yet this morning, but it’s dry, so Mr. HCB has gone off quite happily, hoping to see a day’s cricket with not only his cricket buddy, Keith, but also Keith’s granddaughter and her husband.  She has been to a cricket match before, but her husband hasn’t, so I’m guessing there will be a lot of explaining to do!

I was going to take a photograph of my orchid, but decided that the flowers in the garden were looking good, so I went out, just after I had showered - in my pink robe - to get a photograph for the Flower Friday challenge.  I know I have photographed one of the irises before, but this is a different clump and they did look rather beautiful, so as I don’t feel like faffing around too much, here is my offering for today, and it is SOOC!

The lantern in the background is one of several I bought many years ago in Poundland but it had got rather rusty, so rather than throw it away, I bought some little paint testers in different colours and painted them all - and was very pleased with the result - satisfaction for me and less to go in landfill!

Thank you for all your kind comments, stars and hearts over the last few days - and I apologise for not responding.  Although I am better, I am still feeling very tired, so I am now on the Metatone and hope it gives me the “lift” I need.

“Do not spread the compost 
     on the weeds.” 
William Shakespeare, Hamlet

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