A few weeks ago, when Mr. HCB and I had been over to do our shopping at Waitrose, we had seen a Barbie doll sitting in a very large pothole - put there, we understand by someone from Wroughton, who had put several in the area, trying to bring the deep potholes to the attention of the Local Authority - so I was out just after 6.30 a.m. to take a photograph ready for Silly Saturday.

Well, Murphy’s Law was working well and although the large pothole is still there, all that was in it was a sandbag - although there are now barriers around it - I guess until the hole is filled in.

Undeterred, as I was out and it was a beautiful misty morning, I decided to go round to the canal at Wichelstowe, but missed my turning, so parked on a road only buses are allowed to use as a “through” road and had a wander - and I was not disappointed.  In fact, several of the bus drivers waved as they passed, probably wondering why someone was out so early taking photographs.

I had forgotten just how peaceful and relaxing it is to be out when most of the world is still asleep - I listened to the birds and the mallards and just revelled in the fact that there was so much beauty in nature and the fact that it was so tranquil.  

I could see the canal from where I was, but was more interested in the number of spiders’ webs and was amazed at the intricacy of them and particularly the way the webs had been spun around the various plants, most of which would have been done in the dark.  

I had taken both my cameras and my iPhone, but only took the new one on my walkabout, to make myself use it.  I am still having issues with using the viewfinder, so decided that I would use live view instead, as I was much more comfortable doing that, and this is the result, which I am happy with.  I didn’t take the macro lens either, but I think I will be going back very soon and will see if I can get some even better shots.

I was back home before 7.30 - and this morning we will be going to Jack’s, as usual.  Have a great weekend.  M xx  

P.S.  Thank you for all your lovely comments on yesterday’s Blip - we had a lovely evening with our friends.  

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