An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Lucky Guess...


A sneaky glimpse of the WC with the panelling and the new paint.  

So relieved that we like the paint as it was chosen (by gooling!) the night before the painter was buying it, so the first time we saw it in the flesh was as he opened the lid of the paint tin!  Speaking as someone who normally buys about 15 tins of tester paint, this was a real leap of faith for me!   Maybe I should take this approach more often.

Spent the morning in Perth looking at new car contenders since we've decided the Mercedes GLC is no longer an option (due to a fault it has that Mercedes are trying to pass off as a "characteristic".)  

Started off looking at the Land Rover Discovery Sport.   Very nice and I was able to get in and out of it without too much difficulty.  Also had a look at the Range Rover Evoque, which I love but it's too small for D and as the whole point of moving to having one car is to get one that suits us both, it's not an option.

The other car we set out to look at was the Jaguar F-Pace and I have to say, as soon as I got my bottom in the driver's seat, I was smitten.  I felt like Goldilocks finding the perfect bowl of porridge and bed to snuggle down in. We have arranged an extended test drive for Wednesday so watch this space.

Home for lunch and an afternoon of domestic stuff before heading to Dunkeld to meet friends from Glasgow who are on a short break at Strathtay.   We had a lovely meal in Howie's Bistro in Dunkeld and a long overdue catch up.  Great night with lots of laughter and good food.

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