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By walkingMarj

The last variety to open

I've been packing. Why does it take so long? Why is camera eqipment so heavy? Why is the baggage limit only 20kg for my flight to Dublin, but 23kg for my transatlantic flight? Will I ever manage to pack the things I need?

You get the drift!

So at the end of the afternoon, I wandered lonely as a cloud in our garden. There has been a little rain today, which has helped to freshen up the flowers. There is a lot of blue to see, with forget-me-nots, comfrey, cerninthe and brunnera, all doing well.

In a shady corner I found these beautiful blooms. They are the last ones to open every year and I don't know their name.

I also found apple blossom on the hollow apple tree. It is in profusion. One small shoot has grown low down on the side of the trunk. (See extra.)

Now to put tape on all the batteries. Did you know that they have to be taped and put in hand luggage?

It will all be worth while when I get there (I'm sure)!

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