Red on Blue

This is not the photo I was intending to post. 

A former tenant of our neighbour who has moved to a nearby street brought his blue car to park on the drive while a skip was being unloaded at his house.

I liked the contrast between the red tulips and the blue car but only had a wide angle lens on the camera at the time, hence this shot. Aha, I thought, I'll get a long telephoto on the camera and try again, which should compress the red tulips against the blue car.

By the time I'd wittered about trying to find a Peak Design tripod anchor for the camera and attaching a strap - a long telephoto lens is heavy, and I didn't want to risk dropping it - the chap had come and removed his car! So no photo.

Feeling a lot better today, but still haven't achieved much. It's as if formulating a list of things I have to do in my mind is activity enough.

Basil and I did go to see Gill and Geoffrey and slipped up on their decking while venturing into the garden. Was very pleasantly surprised to discover that the physiotherapy exercises have paid off as I was able to get up quite easily after landing on my back, with some help from Gill and Sanay.

Sanay was very pleased with her bracelet from Hong Kong.

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