Harry Potter Land

We've had the most fabulous day today at the Harry Potter Studios.
It was supposed to be for Miss E's birthday (on March 23rd!!) but when I went to book it (at the end of February) I was slightly horrified to discover that I couldn't get tickets until mid May! Today was the day!!
I got up early to take Archie out for a walk as he'd be on his own all day and then we were off - managing to get out of the house at 8am as planned which was a miracle for us!
We met my mum and dad at McDonalds on the A41 to hand over their tickets so they could get into the car park and eat sausage and egg McMuffins and hash browns 
Then it was on to the studios and from the minute we got into the car park - seeing pictures of the characters, the giant chess pieces, the Anglia suspended from the ceiling - I was practically hyperventilating with excitement!!
It didn't disappoint!!!!
I won't list everything we saw, and I certainly won't add the two hundred pictures I took to extras (well maybe one or two!!!) but it was AMAZING!!
Since Christmas we've watched the films so many times and it was incredible to see the actual sets, props, wigs, costumes, visual effects, special effects, the Forbidden Forest, the animatronics, the house on Privet Drive, the cupboard under the stairs, the potions lab with self stirring cauldrons, the scale model of Hogwarts used for all exterior shots, Diagon Alley..... Wow!!!!
It was a bit overwhelming for Miss E who displayed her usual desire to rush onto the next thing without looking at anything where she was. We had to have words as I put my foot down and told her in no uncertain terms that I wanted to look at everything and no amount of whinging and pouting was going to stop me!!! 
I had to laugh at the amount of parents I saw hissing at their offspring through clenched teeth!!
But on the whole it was brilliant. They loved it and we loved it.
And they loved their new treasures: Miss E bought Ginny's wand. She's got a soft spot for Ginny and her face always lights up when she first sees her and sighs "they get married!!!"  She also got a charm bracelet which she loves because it's just like Mummy's with the added bonus of having a golden snitch and Hedwig hanging from it!
Miss L bought a chocolate frog and was giddy with her Dumbledore card.
Mr K and I treated ourselves to a new fridge magnet to add to our collection.
They both fell asleep pretty instantly on the way home - some serious aeroplane faces going on in the back!!!
Home to Archie who was overjoyed to see us but thankfully seems to have been fine being left for longer than usual, homework (uuughhhhh), a trip the dump, and - of course - Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone. It was fascinating seeing all the things we'd seen just hours ago. Brilliant!!!!

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