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By walkingMarj

The long journey

Today was very long indeed.

I left home at 0545 (thanks Margret) for the drive to Newcaste Airport. My flight to Dublin was at 0845. It was busy and it was hard to find a seat at the airport. Why are the seats so few and so hard?

After a bumpy end of the journey, we arrived safely. I had over 2 hours to connect and went straight to the US pre-immigration section. I passed through in less than 5 minutes - and the immigration official was delightful and smiled a lot. This left me with over 2 hours to spend at the gate..........

I'd also forgotten to bring any euros so could not access the drinks machine.

My flight to SF was made much easier because I had a lovely companion in the form of Nan who lives not far from BJ - just over the ridge in fact.

We had a lot in common and I enjoyed hearing about the voluntary work she does in San Quentin prison. She works for a walking company too and she has a cat.

Our politics were simiar too.

The 10 hours were still long. I eventually settled to reading a book and could not sleep.

BJ was waiting for me in the baggage reclaim area. There was no formal entry to the US at all.

We drove to Mill Valley with me snapping away through the windscreen of her electric car.

I had 2 hours sleep then a delicious supper and back to bed.

Not surprisingly I did not manage to blip this on the day!

I'm very excited to be here.

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