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By walkingMarj

Exploring Mill Valley

I had a few hours sleep, waking rather early this morning in a very comfortable bed. What a difference a good bed and beautiful bedding make!

I had a wander around the immedate neighbourhood. Mill Valley is a very prosperous place and I saw many workers busy at different properties. Interestingly they were mainly Mexican.

BJ planned a walk for us, through local woods. It was just a short walk to help me cope with the jet lag. At the beginning we had to climb the famous Dipsea stairs, all 688 of them!!! Then the path contoured around the woods with a gradual descent back to town.

The redwoods are the main variety of trees here. BJ was a wonderful guide, providing lots of local informatin as we went.

So, what to blip? I spotted this group of mailboxes and liked the arrangement. Of course, mailboxes are just normal here, but very different for us Brits.

The news programmes here are completely full of the goings on in the White House with no international news at all.

In the late afternoon, BJ had booked me in with her Pilates teacher. This was not a class with mats, but th two of us in a little torture chamber studio with two physio type beds. We had an hour of exercise - gentle in my case - and did lots of stretches. It was fascinating. BJ moaned and groaned, but then she is still badly bruised following a fall from a horse 2 weeks ago.

My first experience of the USA is going well.

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