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Meeting the many residents of Scarp

This is my second attempt to write my account and upload it. My first (longish) account failed.

Today I left the lovely B & B after a superb Continental breakfast. There was  such a lot of choice with fruit, cereals, cheeses, savouries and there were perfect crepes.

I drove to Glendale and had a coffee and chat with Roger. His mother, Joan, died recently and I heard about the funeral and all the lovely things that people said about her.

Outside the house there were primroses, bluebells and orchids. What a delight.

I arrived in Uig in pefect time for the ferry. The crossing was smooth but the skies remained grey with heavy clouds.

The drive to Husinish was slow of necessity. The road is about 14 miles long and is very narrow with lots of blind summits. You have to drive very carefully.

David was waiting for me at Husinish and we crossed to Scarp in the dinghy. He took me to see where the shags are nesting on the cliffs and he caught a fish as well.

Lesley was on the jetty to welcome me. Then we met Sam, the pet seafull who has been coming to feed from them for about 6 years. Mrs Mac and Baby Mac appeared next. Mrs Mac is a pet sheep who broke a back leg about 6 years ago. Lesley managed to clean the wound and to splint the fracture successfully. Mrs Mac comes to the door and bleats very loudly for porridge at breakfast time. Baby Mac, only 1 week old, is looking interested already.

The hens, all 5 of them, are young and not laying yet.

We had a superb meal of lobster (starter), salt mutton (main) and ginger sponge (dessert).

David and I walked up the hill to find a phone signal and enjoyed this view.

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