It is an old collection that I have since many, many years. They fill my bookcase with the glass doors. This week I cleaned all shelves and had all the books in my hand, read the authors, the titles, but that these are not the motive why I have collected them. This is all about the colourful covers.
Some really silly, with wild flowers, some pretty with geometric figures, some with batik fabric, and I love the marmoreal covers  too.
I started this when I travelled a lot, buying books for the second hand bookshop that belonged to my father and me.
In Paris, but especially in Brussels I found all the time new copies.
I do not say that the contents are not valuable, among them there are albums of verse (french symbolism mostly), novels, plays.
I sometimes look in awe at the collection, what was I thinking at that time I wonder. It is so curious and for me it has certainly a very silly touch.

A quiet day for me. Piet Hein worked in the garden and has achieved a lot. The weather became better as the day progressed. Now I see a blue sky, nice white clouds.

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