Dennis G.'s letterpress print on cloth

We went to a wonderful birthday party which Kitty organised for her partner Matthew, and her two children Barney and Suzy. Held at her home in Rodborough, we sat in a marquee and had wonderful seafood paella, drinks from the bar before a local band played a mix of ska and other Caribbean grooves.

Before the food was served we sat with our old friend Dennis Gould,  a renowned local poet, letterpress printer and book salesman, as well as being a lifelong peace activist. He suddenly produced a cloth as a present for us on which he had printed a poem by Jaques Prevert, the Discourse on Peace., which was translated by Lawrence Ferlinghetti. He'd recently made a series of these prints and sent one to Ferlinghetti on the occasion of his 98th birthday; Dennis has been in regular contact with him for many decades. When Helena held it up to read it, I couldn't resist snapping it for my blip.

After eating the wonderful food we went outside into the garden and sat on straw bales around the log fire as the last light in the sky receded. I took a picture of Suzy, with the glittery eyes, who is now 18, with some of her friends which I have added as an 'Extra photo'.

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