Californian lilac

I spotted this lovely Californian lilac as I gasped the last 100 metres back to the house at the end of my run this morning, and returned to blip it as soon as I could after I recovered from my exercise.

I had a long list of things to do today and have managed to get through some, but not all, of them. Much of the day has been spent tidying up my online presence on a number of web sites for academics. I find one so frustrating that I almost deleted it this afternoon. In the end I decided to keep the account but delete all but the barest of contents. This means that those who want to find out about my work can do so by following the links elsewhere, rather than wade through the guff on this so-called 'service'.

Last night's experiment was successful. We have conducted another one this evening...

Exercise today: cycle path run in 46 minutes or so.

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