Fairy Snot

Early in the morning the clouds hang low in the valley and the mist creeps onto our deck...sometimes its hard to see the house next door everything is white........ that's what its like living inside of a cloud.

When the sun chases the mist and cloud away everything starts to sparkle..all the dew on the grass and the Fairy Snot (that's what Flynn and I call it) sparkles like hammocks of  diamonds amongst the green blades of grass.

I got a wet bum sitting on the grass to take this.......I could hardly see what I was taking with the blinding sun obscuring everything....if you can imagine that these bubbles are so very very tiny sitting on a fine cobweb built between the blades...I think it deserves a further experiment..next time I will sit on something waterproof though.

“If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave.”

-Mo Willems

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