Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


Dubai has a bigger variety of trees than I ever remember! I noticed these very unusual ones a few weeks ago. The leaves and large gaps in them fascinated me... they look like lace in some way, so today, as G was almost thirty minutes early to work, we stopped to get some shots. I was also hoping this may just pass of for Abstract Thursday. :)

Another frustratingly trying day when nothing of what was planning happened. A courier company asked me to stay in from 9am to 1pm to collect the new phone which I'm returning, but they didn't show up, or phone either. And the washing machine repair people... I'd love to know how some businesses in Dubai ever survive with the rubbish service they dish out.

I did get to speak to my sister who is safely back at home and sounding very bright and breezy. Got another load washed at Pauline's. Helped G with her presentation for the last session of Awana, and that was pretty much the day. Roll on the weekend. :)

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