Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


With thanks to G who took this from her side of the car... It has been cropped big time.

A very slow and relaxed start to the day. We ventured out to Biker's Cafe again to meet up with friends from church. MUCH chatter and exchanging of life stories etc. Their daughter (4 1/2) decided she wanted to write my name on the place mat, and wrote out "Mess Sherry" instead of "Miss Sherry". I thought that was pretty accurate! ;)

G & I decided to have a little drive out before returning home. Ramadan starts tomorrow, and today seemed quieter on the roads - not that we're out that often on a Friday. We headed out towards Mamzar - on the border with Sharjah. This is taken at the jetty where jet-ski owners start/end their happy hours on the water.

Home to what I hoped would see someone come to fix the machine - but no way; despite a promise to do so before 9. I wish I could get my head around how some people blatantly lie! Hope you've had a good start to your weekend.

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