It’s amazing how soon something you start doing becomes a habit!  Most mornings we have got up in a leisurely fashion - well, we are on holiday - then walked along to make the sure the sea is still there.  After that we wander just looking at the beautiful houses and gardens, with me taking photographs on the way, then we go in for a coffee.  After that, we either walk back to the beach with our lunch in a small brown carrier bag or come back home to eat it.

Today we wandered again, so although it is Flower Friday, I decided to make a collage of our morning.  I wanted to take a photograph of the beautiful double clematis at the bottom right and that was going to be my only Blip for today, but then I saw a gentleman sketching, so wanted to include him too.  

There are various other beautiful gardens and houses, all very well tended and the rose at the bottom left is on Julia’s patio, so today we have been truly blessed with all the beauty around us - and have enjoyed just wandering because after all, we have no need to hurry! 

As we walked back along the road, we followed the recycling lorry, inching its way along the road.  There was great consternation as cars were parked very haphazardly on both sides of the road, and you can’t see from the middle photograph just how close the lorry was to the car, which was parked on an angle.  However, this wasn’t the only issue - on the other side was another car, also parked at a peculiar angle, so three of the bin men and a passerby got behind both and lifted and shifted them slightly, so that the lorry could get through.  When the lorry eventually eased its way through, we clapped and said what a wonderful job they had done - it took about 15 minutes in all and was touch and go for all that time - no wonder one of the men was mopping his brow!

We have also watched the antics of a pair of gulls on the chimney pots just above us - it’s amazing that they have a nest up there with all the chicken wire and barbed wire around the pots, but it looks as if the female is sitting on the nest, so perhaps there will be a baby gull or gulls before too much longer.  We think it’s Dad who sits patiently on top of one of the chimney pots - leaving Mrs. Gull to wiggle in and out of the nest - see my extra photograph for the precarious position of the nest, taken with the long zoom on my Canon camera.

All in all a lovely morning - this evening we are going over to Exeter to visit friends for a meal, so I don’t even have to cook - better go and sit in the sunshine again, and enjoy it while we can.

Apologies for not commenting - hopefully “normal service” will be resumed next week.

“Try to pause each day 
     and take a walk 
          to view nature.” 
Lailah Gifty Akita

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