Almost 'The Good Life'

Why? Because today I received pushed through my door a tenancy agreement from Gresham Parish Council. Once we have signed it, we will be the new custodians of this huge dock and thistle filled ALLOTMENT! I am actually smiling. Smiling at the prospect of lots of digging and weeding, rotavatoring (if there is such a word) and generally some back breaking hard work. It is very exciting. Just a few minutes up the road.

After dinner (it is just Henry & I at home tonight) we took Bracken down to view our plot of weeds. It is vast!! I am going to be able to feed the whole will I have time to work? I might even meet people!

So that is it, the highlight of my day! I rang Jon as soon as I got in, to tell him. We have lots of plans, but I guess it is going to be prepping for next year really, but I will definitely have purple sprouting broccoli in by autumn.

In other news..i sat with a cuppa at 6, between cooking dinner and dog walking, and read through the last 3 chapters of my book. I haven't read the end since I wrote it last November. I'm happy with it. Happy enough that if you were about 9, you would find it acceptable! I have a few spelling bits to fix and will then send it off to be reviewed in Guernsey. I am conscious that i may have rushed it over the last 7 chapters, as I was on a mission to finish it last November. So there is possibly some rewriting to do.

Now, it's bed, to dream of an allotment bursting with vegetables, and not thistles! If you are visiting, bring a spade!

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