I really should have gone into work early, but I was so weary after our busy weekend that I just couldn’t get out of bed.  We were all rather weary. I got rather wet getting to work, we have almost forgotten what rain is. However, I wasn’t long in when a colleague  told me I had a 9am deadline to update a piece of work.  Being off at the end of last week meant I was unaware.  I didn’t make the 9am deadline, but did get the work done before I did anything else. 

I left work in the rain and got rather wet going for my bus.  I left later than I intended, so when I got home all I wanted to do was put my pyjamas on and chill on the sofa.

When he came home from football, BB was keen to tell me about the end of term show that he is part of.  I must find out when it is.

I didn’t take many photos today.  Here is Edinburgh in the rain.

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