1825 blipfoto entries!

Wow, 1,825 photos. It has taken me longer to get here than many participants because I don't post a photo daily for the most part. And sometimes I can't keep up, so I'll take a break... occasionally for months! Yet . . . I always return to my friends & family here at blip.

This photo was taken a few days ago because I still haven't gotten up to speed after our trip to visit family in Boston last weekend & meet our baby granddaughter -how fun that was and she is adorable! (If you work backwards you'll find a few pics). I try not to worry so much about being behind anymore, I try to take what I do (or don't do) as it comes and simply enjoy it all . . . . the best road for me is to think positive. 

This is a great photo though for my special day because it shares a special part of my life that I love -- living on the water on the SW coast of Florida, surrounded by nature and enjoying the river with my husband Steve. In fact, he's out there enjoying it right now! I declined as I wanted to do my blip and he understands. We'll be together tonight celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary! Here's what I wrote 2 years ago on blip for our 10th anniversary. More to come about the 12th! 

I usually write something about my most viewed or most Favorited journal entries but this time I am going to send you to my statistics page on blip where they do an excellent job! (I just figured out this won't work -it will go to your own!!) One stat: I still do not know how my Kitchen Garage entry from December of 2013 when we were remodeling our kitchen got 942 views -huh?? But that is my most viewed entry! Sorry, I will try to add some of the stats to my profile page soon! 

Anyway, have fun and thank you for stopping by on my special blip day! My love to you, Lenna 

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