I met Mrs L at the Garden Centre this morning for lunch. It was lovely to see her and we sat out in the sun for ages chatting and eating! Ever on the lookout for bargains we went to the reduced section and I picked up some lovely forget-me-nots and Mrs L found some primroses. All 50p or £1 each. They were all ever so slightly past their best but nothing some water can't fix!!
A lovely walk in the sun with Archie when I got back. Everywhere is looking so gorgeous and green and lovely at the moment!
Because I went to Leeds on Friday night we didn't go to the cafe after school as usual. We went this afternoon as promised and the Little Misses enjoyed an hour in the sun playing with their friends and drinking enormous  Very Berry smoothies.
I sat in the sun talking to my friends and drinking tea. Bliss!!
The Little Misses had a mad half hour out in the garden before bed.  Armed with brooms and dressed only in jim-jam bottoms (Miss L) and a bathrobe (Miss E) they rampaged round the garden singing Grandma's Feather Bed at the top of their voices whilst wielding their brooms hunting for the giant King of the Rats. There was much giggling and hysteria - from them and me!!

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