I had to go to Milton Keynes after dropping off the Little Misses today. I had things to buy and things to take back!
I had planned to take the car to the valet place in Debenhams car park but when I drove into the car park I saw the valet man wasn't there so I drove straight back out again! Thankfully the ticket worked at the barrier and there was no charge.
I took Miss E's long sleeved Brownie top back to John Lewis and picked up a sash for all her badges, then I went to the Pound Shop and bought some little green pots for some succulents I've got on my kitchen windowsill which are bursting out of their pots. I also bought some white mugs which go nicely with our Cunard mugs which accidentally appeared in the kitchen after one of our cruises, and some zinc chip buckets which will make great planters.
It was rather stupid to buy all that before walking miles to Debenhams to exchange some jeans I bought the other week. I'd bought 'regular' length - because I'm obviously in complete denial about being short - and they were about a foot too long! 
With my short jeans and my heavy bags I popped into H&M and bought 6 of their bargain £2.99 summer dresses. That should keep the Little Misses going for the next couple of years!!
Then it was to Sports Direct for a tennis racquet for Miss E.
Then it was back to the car. Trying not to look at the Pound Shop as I huffed and puffed my way past!!
I called into school on my way home to drop the racquet off for Miss E then it was home for a much needed cup of tea and lunch.
A lazy afternoon then it was swimming for Miss L. As usual she moaned about it and as usual she enjoyed it!!
Mr K was home early so went to pick up Miss E while Miss L and I went to Tescos for supplies. She's so funny with the scanner, I love taking her!!!

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