A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Muck Spreeardin!

The above spelling is my attempt at a Yorkshire accent in print.

Lovely sunny morning walk in short sleeves. There was and still is a bit of hazy cloud around but it is warm and quite muggy.

We walked from Wilsden Walker's house in Wilsden at the top end of the village along Tan Hill Lane and Bents Lane. The pollen dust was so great we walked back along the main road to avoid the tall grasses.

Here in the fields just below Tan Hill Lane you can see right across to our village of Harden across the lower part of Bents Lane. The fields in the foreground are often part of our walks, fortunately not today as some considerable muck spreeardin has recently taken place. We could smell it even from this distance. A healthy country smell as my mother would have said.

Awful news coming from London all morning. A terrible tragedy for many people.

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