One of our aircraft is missing

I suspect there's an Air Cadet with rosy cheeks today... I'm looking forward to the takeoff too. Happily the field is quite long and reasonably flat. Nevertheless, I'm sure it wasn't there last time I walked around the village, and I assume there was a problem perhaps with fuel - we've all been there, albeit generally on the tarmac. :-)

A lovely rainy day... you can appreciate the rain so much more when it's been ridiculously sunny and the garden is panting for water. 

I diverted one of the water butts last night, so that the rain gutter went straight into my previously rapidly evaporating pond, and this morning its full and so (once I'd restored the tap to a closed position) is the water butt.

Then a wander around to find the contractors digging into the hedgerows during bird nesting season... reported by a concerned resident. Whether or not we are doomed to unsustainably double our village in size as the local authority would like, it's clear the developers are planning their campaign.

But the rainy walk was lovely.

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