My helper?

After quite a draining morning at work (I had an interview for an internal job this morning) the afternoon was more relaxed and productive for me. I didn't go out at lunchtime. Being in the city is great, but wandering around shops is a temptation. So I lunched reading the paper, and I left the office before 5, getting home by 6.

Mollie cooked dinner, and made a lovely tomato and onion sauce for the Lidl meatballs. We were both frustrated when Henry refused to even taste it, and gave up, sending him away with a very dry pile of pasta and meatballs! Once he'd finished I dragged him away from his new playstation to do the washing up.

I've been trying to decide what top to make with this lovely pink material I bought weeks ago. I have prevaricated long enough, and am going to have a go at adding some sort of straps to this halter neck top pattern. I have a picture in my head, but whether it works, is yet to be seen. The pattern says 'One size fits most'!!! I cut it a little bigger to be sure. I don't know the dress sizes covered by 'most'! Anyway, cutting the material was harder than I thought it was going to be. My helper didn't lift a paw to help. I bet when cotton reels start rolling, he'll be right in there. I suppose sewing isn't generally a male thing.

I'm off for a brief walk with Bracken now. Nice that it's cooler, but you soon miss the sun don't you?

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