Stormy Skies

Today was mostly spent getting burrs out of Archie's fur. He's a magnet for them and after a walk over the fields yesterday before the fete he was covered from head to foot. It probably explains why he didn't win any prizes!!!
Brushing them out didn't work so each one had to picked out. 
Oh. My. God!!!
There must have been at least five hundred of them and it was both irritating and therapeutic to pick them all out.
And just when I thought I had them all I discovered more lurking in his tail or down the back of his legs. Ugh!!!!
Luckily I had Grey's Anatomy to pass the time while I was doing it.  I've been watching it on and off since Christmas and I was preturbed today to discover that the latest season aired isn't available yet on NOW TV and I've only got six episodes left. What will I do????????
Back to rock climbing tonight. Miss E was pleased to be back and did really well. It was nice to see Mrs E and Baby C again too. Funny how you can consider someone you only see in one place for two hours a week as a good friend!
A quick trip to the drive-thru for dinner: hamburger and chips for Miss E, chicken and bacon salad and chips for Miss L, and a cup of tea for me then it was home.

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