Dragon Warriors

It's my dad's seventieth birthday today so the day started with the usual rounding up off the Little Misses to record ourselves singing Happy Birthday to send as an audio message. My dad says it brought a tear to his eye!
Mr K has introduced the Little Misses to Dragon Warriors and being very much his daughters they love it!! This is them playing it and ignoring my suggestion that it might be bedtime!
I'm not sure what it involves but they've ordered special dice and spend a lot of time out in the garden before bed playing it.
Out of interest I've just Googled it and this is what it's all about.
Geeky young Mr K was obsessed with all these games and he's loving introducing his daughters to them.
Mrs L and I had planned to go to the strawberry farm today for the first time this year but it was eight million degrees again and there's very little shade there and we thought breakfast at Esquires would be far less hot and sweaty!!
Also - because God forbid a day go by without me having to go to one school or another for one activity or another - Miss L's class was giving a violin concert this afternoon and it would have been tight to get back.
Miss M has just finished her GCSEs (which isn't possible because it's only five minutes since I met her when she was eight - Miss L's age now!!!!) so she joined us for breakfast. It was lovely to see her.
Obviously rubbish to see Mrs L..... Ha ha ha!!!!!!
Miss L's class has been having violin lessons in music this term and today was the day to demonstrate their skills. 
To be completely honest I'd been dreading a bit - a dozen seven and eight year olds screeching away as loudly as they could on their violins for half an hour!!!!
I was so wrong! They were brilliant! The teacher had done lots of work on technique but making it a game - stirring the witches cauldron with the bow to master holding it properly, learning to hold the violin properly while just plucking a couple of notes to tell a story, they did a can-can, and the James Bond theme. No dodgy screechy notes at all.
My favourite - and clearly theirs - was the story of the haunted house in a howling wind, with a leaking roof, creaking floorboards, fluttering bats, doors that bang but no-one's there, a cackling witch with a sinister cat, a rattling skeleton and a moaning, groaning ghost.
All acted out with the bow, blowing over the strings, stamping feet, plucking strings, tapping the violin, hissing and clutching their backs in agony wailing Oooh, me back!!!! Hilarious!!
So I felt bad for all my moaning and threatening to go and buy earplugs!
Not to Miss L obviously. I told her I couldn't wait!!!
Although we have a dilemma now. She's so keen to have violin lessons next year because she's so enjoyed these sessions. I'm keen for her to learn an instrument but the violin?????????

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