More Rain

It was still raining this morning.  BB wanted a lift to school, but we walked as the rain wasn’t as heavy as it was yesterday!  Once I had dropped him, I went for  a very quick walk round by the river, then back home to get changed out of my wet clothes.  Once I was dry again, I headed into town to meet a friend for a catch up.  She has been having a horrid time at work and needed to download.  She’s on holiday now for two weeks, I just hope she can switch off.

By the time we emerged from the café, the rain seemed to have stopped.  We went round to school to see the p7s being piped out, into a guard of honour made by the rest of the school.  I’m glad the rain eased long enough to let it happen.  After a few farewells for the summer BB and I headed home.  He had his last cello lesson today – the only work he will have done all week I think.  His teacher has said again that he will get a new cello after the holidays.  She said this last June too!  I won’t hold my breath.

After a quick lunch, I took BB to his friend J’s house.  They were going to the cinema and then for some tea, to celebrate J’s birthday.  I came home and did some housework  - and did my best at arranging a rather nice bunch of flowers that arrived this morning. A little treat to myself.

Later my friend AM brought our house guest round – Minnie - she is staying with us for the next two weeks while they are away on holiday – such a responsibility.  I then had to head out to pick BB up – the kids loved the film, the adults less so.

Here’s the river again.

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