As evening falls

Billy comes towards me, creating shadows on the way :)

It was really nice to be given thanks by the Health and Safety Manager after I sorted some paperwork and folders out :)   

Only a couple of weeks left on the job though....unless they extend the contract.   I don't know what to do because of how my Mum is and everything...  Really hoping they'll extend it....

Amazingly I've made it through today despite the cold or even hay fever?  I'm uncertain.  I thought hay fever was just sneezes and itchy eyes, but I'm coughing lots too...feeling rather rough :(

Just read a post on my Brother's family update FB page (he hasn't bothered to call me), but apparently my Mum has improved.  She is off oxygen, and has managed to drink water today rather than being fed liquids/food.  

Phew!  And relax :)

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