Initially: very pleased. Even more so a little later on, especially at 1/30". I'll give it a go down the riverbank tomorrow lunchtime just to check but it looks like a keeper. The only slight problem is that when it's in the bag there's no room for anything else. A bigger bag is available (though requires some various mess-objects to be removed) and may be employed tomorrow though carrying a camera bag and rucksack together (though convenient) does lend a person an air of a person who carries lots of bags around all the time, less so with the relatively discreet small bag but definitely so with the larger. If only there were a bag a bit bigger than the small bag but not as large as the big bag. Or perhaps wider but not deeper or heightier. HMMM.

I've so far avoided shops with sales in this month but had to have a little wander past some of them today to get some requirements but luckily managed to visit three shops, find almost exactly what I needed in each and then get home all before six. For a first week back after holiday and first-week-of-the-month it's not been that bad at all and is now almost already Friday. I'm tempted to describe myself as feeling full of beans if only because I had a nice bowl of beans-and-chopped-chillies-and-chopped-coriander-and-chopped-basil on toasts earlier. Unfortunately I forgot to add any onions but there shall be plenty of opportunity to eat onions tomorrow.

After another evening of using just PS rather than PSP I'm warming to it very slightly in terms of speed-of-working and am slightly impressed at the speed with which it previews changes and performs complicated thinking though it seemed to be easier to get snappier-on-the-eye end results with PSP. Which is perhaps just knowing how to get things to look how I want them to look. I'll certainly need to view it much more benevolently if it ever wants any money spent on it seeing as it's significantly pricier than PSP.

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