Not the same at all...

Same tree, different bug. This gorgeous gold and ruby jewel of a hoverfly pauses briefly between hovers. Hundreds of his friends have moved in today, gently easing out the wasps who are stronger but less committed to their location.

It's been so hot I've done very little bar laze in the garden with a book and a beer. Well, Janet's home with Charlie later and I'll be back under the thumb again. ;-) It's not just been this fellow flying around though, but politeness forbids me to mention where I got bit.

Right, one last ice cream and then... washing done; check... dishwasher emptied; check... beds changed; check... gardens watered; hmm, ok, still a bit sunny yet. Jobs never end, eh. 

Can't wait to have Charlie home from her south of France studies. There's the threat of thunderstorms tomorrow, but I dare say she's had enough of Sunshine for now. No? Oh.

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