Theodore and Malachi

We went over to Jeri's today. The first time for a couple of weeks, so it was great to see everyone again. (Except Adam, who was unfortunately out on a call...)

First thing we noticed when we got there was that they had a skip in! They are having a good sort out of the house and garden, and had pretty much filled the skip already. 

The next step was to dig up the very poor grass in the garden ready for it to be replaced by astroturf! Jeri and the boys were busy when we got there, and Brian helped. I had a dress and sandals on - not exactly the right gear for digging the garden, so I just made lunch, fetched drinks etc. 

By the end of the afternoon there was a small section left which Jeri said Adam could do!

We are home now and I'm going to deal with some Emails!

My Extras are a peacock butterfly, which Brian photographed with my camera, and the spades when they'd finished the digging!

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