Still sewing

Another late blip so I'll keep it short...well, I'll try!

Work saw me moving desks first thing, trying to declutter a bit (you'd think I'd been there 22 years, not just 2 years, the amount I've accumulated!)

I started to tackle my new work, with added phone and email queries to add to my growing list. The day continued in the same vein. Lunchtime I shopped a bit, and eventually left at 4.45. Mollie had cooked dinner, and was eager to get out (in my car) as she was seeing the end of the pier show 2 tonight with Josh. (They alternate with 2 different shows through the summer)

Henry came in at 6.30 after day 3 of his work experience and after dinner he sat up the table with me. We chatted while he made a card and I had another go with the pink stretchy fabric. By 9 I had a headache so we took the dog for a walk via the allotment. There, we rigged up a new slide to catch and direct the rain into our bucket. I had string and we used the table frames. Now I want more rain (sorry) to see if works!

Home at 9.45. Didn't see any owls. Time for tea then bed.

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