Flower Friday

with a Twist...

My Journal Name is Bright and Beautiful and my Blipper Name Things Beautiful (I think).

Anyway I figured that Bright and Beautiful could be Blooming Billy  (he posed so nicely and looked at me just at the right moment)  or the alternative is Beautiful Billy Boy  with Blooming flowers :)

Such a funny out-take here!  I wasn't sure whether to use that as my blip instead...

The end of my contract today and I had a lovely card!  Cakes were provided too, and I'm stuffed with too much cake...will have to be strict to myself at the weekend :)

No work next week, but at least I can take a day to breath in between jobs....and get the house straight again!

If you're wondering I'm off to visit my Mum the following weekend all being well as my Brother will be on holiday...

Happy Weekend folks :)

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