Doing the laundry

Preparations for a long trip are much easier to make when they don't start from a baseline of chaos. As a result, I am happy that my study (previously featured here, here and here and possibly in other pictures that aren't tagged) is now tidier than I can ever remember it being. My desk is in good shape. There is less clutter around the edges. And the bookshelves are better under control with most of the random paper now dumped, and just books. There's still two bikes, of course, but some of the other stuff that was on the floor (mainly photographs that need scanning) has now been squeezed into a space - not obvious on this picture - where the CDs used to live. And they've gone into storage. Everything now has its point, including the bag hanging from Alf's unused bike that contains my bike helmet, gloves and hi vis waistcoat.

Oh, and of course I have a new deskchair. That was previously featured in the making, and today it had its fixings re-tightened as it was getting very wobbly.

That's not all I did today. Of course. But I guess it was what gave me most satisfaction.

Oh, and completing 7 years of blips. But it's not 7 years of blipping, because the new system counts in backblips, and my real anniversary is in September. So I'm sort of ignoring this one, and you should feel free to do so as well.

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