Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Guess who came to lunch?

Gavin and I were up early and back to our old house to move all our clothes and other bits and pieces - although the movers are packing for us and moving everything I did not like the idea of them packing my underwear (the movers are all male), I'm a bit old fashioned like that. It took a few trips to move all my clothes, Gavin did nearly all of it which I was very grateful for - although he did have a mild fit at the amount of my clothing. He said I have far too much clothing! I do, but much of it is very old and I get sentimental about things and cannot part with them!

We had a treat today as Luke came to lunch. He had come back again this weekend for yet another 21st celebration - this time it was a boys' weekend in Bournemouth to celebrate another friend's 21st. He uses his dad's airmiles and so the air ticket from Paris is nothing other than the cost of the airport tax. He came back from Bournemouth by train and spent the day with us before flying back to Paris in the early evening.

At about 6pm I switched my comments back on and thought I would have some time to look at journals, but then Gavin arrived with yet another load of clothes and other things and so I have been busy all evening again and now just have time to upload this.

Murdoch seems to be settling in very well - he actually barked at some other dogs walking past the house so I guess he is feeling territorial about this place now, as he doesn't usually bark at other dogs when we are away from home.

A few more boxes to unpack and then I will call it a day. Watching Poldark with a cup of mint tea is still a dream away....

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