Droning On

Low tide was at about 2 so I went out at 3. Lovely sunny afternoon and although the wind speed was up to about 14 mph the conditions were good. This spot along the estuary doesn't get much footfall so I didn't have to worry much about people and it's got that great little tree to fly over. What could possibly go wrong?

Stupid didn't take the lead that connects to the controller so apart from my visuals, I was flying blind and couldn't see what I was photographing. I just took video so this shot is grabbed from the video footage so it's not as goodquality as I would have liked.  Ho hum, it was good to be out and I'm quite pleased with the result.

I know my usual landscapes are being a bit neglected at the moment but some people around me think I get a bit obsessed with things and that could be true, especially when I'm trying to learn new skills. 

The extra is the view beyond the little tree.

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