Yellow Legs

I have not worn a skirt for nearly 30 years. I have never had a skirt in my wardrobe for that amount of time. I kid you not. I think it was cycling around town and elsewhere that put pay to the wearing of a skirt- it's so much easier in a pair of breeks..

But hey the mould was broken when we were in Bath when His Lordship espied a shirt waister dress for me which cried out for a pair of red coloured tights to complete the ensemble. With that success, this skirt was bought together with yellow tights.
By dint of turning over the waist band to shorten it by 2"( because my legs are length challenged), HL has declared I look less, like a Girl Guide Captain and rather more trendy.
It is never too late to cock a snoop at old age and dress like a lamb.

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