I don't need roads

By Jazz_Pirate


Barcelona; three days in and I'm so relaxed and slightly sunburnt. My brain and anxious mind has switched off and accepted that the holiday is well and truly underway.
We've eaten loads of tasty vegan food, seen some amazing Gaudi architecture, walked all of the miles and managed to navigate the subway like pros. It's such a beautiful place with a laid back way of life.
Things just meander along and then stop for a siesta. People eat at 10pm at night and that's ok. Places stay open until midnight. There's no drinking culture, everyone just enjoys chillin' and hanging out. The sun shines, the preferred beach attire is topless. The architecture is beautiful, there seem to be little squares/plazas secretly tucked away around every corner, where folks are just enjoying the good times. The university square has skateboarders and people breakdancing, and a distinct lack of signage to discourage so.
It's a friendly relaxed city, one which I could happily live in.
Here's to four more days of adventure.

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