Back to work for TT and me, and BB was at holiday club.  We were all weary and none of us was very keen to get back into the routine.  I spent most of the day wading through emails, and then had a meeting in the afternoon where luckily I wasn’t the only person just back from holiday and not quite back into work mode.

I was glad of an excuse to get out of the office at lunchtime as I needed to buy a few cards.  I really felt the cold wind as I hurried along Princes Street.  There had been no cold wind for the past two weeks.

I stayed at the office longer than I should have, but needed to track down some information for a piece of work I need to get on with tomorrow.  When I got home BB told me all about the creatures that visited holiday club today – a snake, a big millipede, meerkats, a skunk, an armadillo and other things  I can’t even remember. How exciting!

As ever when I go back to work after our summer holidays I find that Edinburgh is being transformed for the Festival and Fringe.  There are hoardings everywhere. The Festival is seventy!


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