Ninja Showers

I don't know who coined the phrase "ninja showers" (perhaps that amateur weatherman @WindyWilson88 whose forecasts for Scotland are usually more accurate  and more easily understood than anything the broadcasters come up with) but it certainly has been an accurate description of the rain over the past few days.

There have been frequent very heavy downpours from a black sky, which however pass over reasonably quickly.   The light as they do so is fascinating, picking up the detail of the landscape and the foliage, as here behind our house late this afternoon. 

We had friends with us  for lunch today  (I have been trying to have a couple of days off to start the clearing of my study) and ate in the conservatory under the vine which is full of grapes , as my extra photo shoes.    We might have been in Greece, but for the regular interruptions from heavy drops of water on the glass above and equally regular banging from the slaters who are still replacing the roof.  

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