T is for.....

.....temporary.....but feels more like permanent.

Once there were houses....and....beautiful gardens. An area where neighbours chatted, children giggled and shouted as they played, dogs barked at cats prowling the fence lines, a hand gave a wave and friendly smiles were had. 

This is part of the Red Zone in Kaiapoi which was severely struck by the earthquakes. It's sobering to stand and ponder or drive the lumpy bumpy streets, some closed off as the damage is still to great. Kaiapoi Creative Arts have tried to give the fence line some life with painted poles, the council have taken over the mowing of the extensive lawns, all looks neat and tidy, what will become of the area......

I've left this in colour as mono, while effective, could've been depressing especially with the clouds of today hovering above. Colour, I feel, gives it some life and is full of hope, I'm sure something significant will be put here for the community in time but for now.....temporary....feels more like permanent.

Thanks to Bobsblips for hosting Wide Angle Wednesday for the month of August. The theme this month something starting with the letters A or T or 8 items.

Wednesday.....a day to remember what was and ponder on what will be.

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