All together again!

Not from the top deck of the P&R bus today, but from the comfort of my sofa. I'm still trying to blip a bit earlier nevertheless. I left the office early... basically because I wanted an evening. I've been doing a lot of hours, because there is so much work. With my holiday looming, I'm trying to get ahead. Actually, as I'm still learning in my new role it's unlikely I will get ahead, but I want to be more on top of things than I am now. But for tonight, some me time.

I picked Mollie up on my way through Cromer, and dinner was ready (Thai green chicken curry and noodles) courtesy of the boys. Jon is back in Cambridge tonight, and will home tomorrow.

We had hoped to watch the Sheringham carnival, but now I'm home, and it is dismal weather, I've decided to stay in.

A bit of prep to do for my car boot stand in the village at the Gresham Funday on Sunday. 11 to 4 if you are free and close by! Have a go at archery with Jon for a few £s. Who doesn't fancy themselves as a bit of a Robin Hood? Put it in your diary.

TV doesn't seem to have any channels due to rubbish signal. So an evening making cards and jewellery I think!

Lovely picture of my lovely children.....Dan, Mollie and Henry...but I suppose I am biased!

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