Fountains Abbey

Well the new bedroom was a great hit with our granddaughter … as soon as she arrived yesterday afternoon she lay on the bed and wanted to stay there!

She slept well when it was eventually bedtime!

Today we went to Fountains Abbey and she had a whale of a time exploring the various ‘secret’ passageways and steps. Walking on the stone walls was also a big hit - although mum wasn't so sure when she saw the photos!

This a place I would always show someone from ‘out of town’. A Blip Community Cultural Point Of Interest. A magnificent place to explore, beautiful gardens lakes and walks, interesting little buildings, the ruins of course and, if you are lucky, deer in the park.

We also got to see a waterfall / cascade from an ‘observation room’ that has never been open before when we have been there - and we have been going there a long time (since our own kids were tiny)! So something new for us today too. A shot of it in extras, but not very clear as the glass in the windows was filthy on the outside!

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