Peeling Paint and Hollyhock

I took Basil for a walk round the block late yesterday afternoon.

He'd been watching me curiously, and if I were to anthropomorphise him, I'd add, watching me with astonishment all day. I actually did some housework. A rare event for me.

I hoovered the kitchen and bathroom floors then washed them with the steam cleaner. I cleaned the surfaces in the bathroom, AND the mirror. Let alone cook the dinner.

I think he was even glad that it was me who took him for a walk. I've been very inactive lately because of the wretched knee.

At any rate, he seemed to have recovered his energy by evening, rushing round everywhere with his squeaky Santa. He's been rather lethargic of late.

Round the corner, just past the Esso garage, I noticed the peeling paint on this garden door with the hollyhock to the side. I just liked the composition. The hollyhock had a very nice lean on it. And peeling paint is always attractive (!)

Last episode of the current series of Poldark on BBC 1. I was pleased to see the main female characters turn on their menfolk and assert themselves. Was just puzzled that George Warleggan was so crushed by Elizabeth. Goodness me, she swore an oath on the bible that we knew was a lie!

Now we have to wait until next year for the next series. Good thing I'm reading the books, so might get ahead.

A bit further on our walk, we came across a glorious sunflower. See extra.

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