Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

We all slept much better last night, and didn't even start to surface until 9am. There are kind of blackout blinds on the caravan windows, so the light doesn't wake you up. But we are on holiday, so in no hurry to get anywhere. The main aim from this holiday is to have a proper rest. Behind those blinds this morning, we found bright sunshine. We had planned to visit the museum, as rain was (correctly) predicted for the afternoon. So the park & ride again, and a short walk.

A coffee to start and we planned which bits we wanted to visit. Jon & I went in one direction, Mollie & H in another. We did an hour or so, covering every aspect of science, history, natural world etc before meeting up for lunch. We had made a packed lunch and sat in a really nice picnic room to eat it. Then several more hours browsing. This big lump of rock has garnets forming - the browny/red lumpy bits. It was fascinating in so many areas. We have only seen a fraction of it, but at 4 , exhausted, we met at the shop, then had a cup of tea before the bus home. We stopped off at the big retail park where Henry bought things he had been desperate to buy, but unable to find in the touristy shops. I got a bargain too (a top which Mollie actually said was fashionable, with a whoop in her voice) & Mollie was super excited to find a tiny unicorn necklace, half price, which she has been searching shops and the internet for.

Awning is still standing, Archers have finished, and now we need feeding. Its egg, bacon, sausages, mushrooms and beans I'd better get on!!!

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