A transparant dust cover I once found in an old book.
The text beneath the man tells us not to forget our GOLD STARRY, "Le stylo qui marche". The fountain pen that runs.
I just saw an ad on tv, made for Versace, and wow that made a big impression, this blue man with his pen seems just an ordinary man in compairison with Versace's glowing hero.
The day started sunny, but soon enough the clouds entered the sky.In the afternoon we drove to Herstelle, parked the car near the cemetry and walked an easy path, it went to the Hasselhof and from there we descended the hill. We found a lot of hazelnuts lying on the ground and I brought these for the squirrels and the birds who live around our house.
One minute ago we saw an amazing rainbow ending in our town, I will show it in the extra.

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