Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto

Something Frightened It

Another day of doing not very much. Victoria visited to collect my husband’s SatNav, which he does not use. She will borrow it until she gets her first pay packet or keep it forever if it does what she wants. She stayed for lunch, but not for long afterwards. Today was one of her physiotherapy days and now that she has a car, she wanted to drive herself. No surprises there.
Today’s picture is of a male Reeves Muntjac, maybe one of Hoppy’s offspring? As I was taking pictures of it and another one in the garden at the same time, something frightened them and they both took off like rockets. I liked the picture, which was taken just as it took off. They both disappeared into our deliberately left wild area and although I did not see them again today, I suspect that they did come back to continue grazing.

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