Aside from sweating profusely I had a good day today. I walked just less than 10,000 steps after a good lie in. I got bitten by mosquitoes last night and didn't hear them at all. I've bought citronella incense to burn in the bedroom. Ive bought a jar of garlic cloves and I'm going to eat a couple tonight and see if that helps things. Only one bite is bad and is a solid lump about an inch square on the side of my knee. Apparently you get a worse reaction on bites where they have fed on you for a while!

I've done some tidying and the place smells nice now, it needed good airing. Still more to do tomorrow but I'm happy.

I've been brave and went out for a treaty lunch today on my own. Patatas bravas, squid, calimari and a salad washed down with red wine and sparkling water. The place was quiet as it was a late lunch at about 4pm and only 7 of us in the place and yet the waiter sat a family from Hull right next to me! I struck up a conversation with them and we ended up talking about the rugby as I'm from Wigan and Hull were playing us for the challenge cup today - I hear Wigan lost. Really nice family and a lovely chat.

Tonight I'm watching psychic TV - one of my faves and produced in Barcelona. I don't speak the language but I find watching the body language of the tarot readers fascinating. I can usually guess if it's good or bad news for the caller depending on the reaction and frantic nature of follow up questions- sometimes there's just silence or disappointed noises

Tomorrow I may attempt to go to the beach depending on the forecast. Starting to relax

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