I did the same as yesterday...

...but I sprayed the inside of the Pritt stick glue top with Fabsil Clothing Superpruf Spray before I poured the layers of paint in it. And then I got a clean shot plastic glass and sprayed the inside of that also before I tipped the white acrylic into it.

The rest was the same as yesterday.

Again it is only a thimblefull of paint. That is about what the glue stick top holds.

I spread it over the canvas. Oh, by the way I have run out of canvas frames, so I am taping pieces of gessoed canvas to old canvases and their frames

The big picture is how it was first of all I didn't tilt or move the picture. I liked how it looked immediately. But the canvas had other ideas and the paint moved around of its own accord...


The bottom right pic is the final picture after the paint had a hand in redesigning the picture. I don't like this at all.

Top right picture is a detail.

This is my painting today for my challenge to myself of a painting every day in 2017.

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